What is TXLS?

Proven Process

Lesson study is a proven process in which teachers drive improvements to teaching and learning through collaborative action research.

Continuous Improvement

In Lesson Study, teachers engage in cycles of continuous improvement. Together, groups of teachers examine a problem of practice, plan instructional solutions, teach, observe, reflect, and share the results of their work.

Deep Understanding

The product of Lesson Study goes beyond perfecting a single lesson. Working together to plan, practice, and reflect, teachers develop a deep and lasting knowledge of content and pedagogy.

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Texas Lesson Study Phases

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five phases Map

  1. Form your team
  2. Schedule team meetings
  3. Establish norms, roles, and procedures
  1. Develop a Research Theme (optional enrichment)
  2. Agree on a focus or problem of practice
  3. Consider a theory of action (e.g., instructional strategies)
  1. Dive into research (e.g., professional development resources, academic research)
  2. Review your curriculum and instructional materials
  3. Review and plan the Research Lesson
  1. Plan for the observed Research Lesson
  2. Teach and observe the Research Lesson
  1. Review observation data, student work, and assessments
  2. Add notes to the original lesson and incorporate your learning into the unit
  3. Repeat Phases 3 and 4 with the revised changes (optional enrichment)
  1. Invite others to observe your Lesson Study meetings or Research Lessons
  2. Determine how and where to share the learning
  3. Celebrate (Kanpai!)

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