Phase 0. Prepare

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Steps for Phase 0: Prepare

Teachers form a team and agree on their work processes.

TEXAS LESSON STUDY  5 PHASES - 1. Examine & Identify, 2. Review & Plan, 3. Teach & Observe, 4. Reflect & Revise and 5. Share & Network,  where phase 0 is visually selected
team of teachers

Step 1

Form Your Team

  • Aim for 3–5 teachers
  • Try to have same subject and/or grade level, if possible
group of teachers on computer screen

Step 2

Schedule Team Meetings

taking notes in a training session

Step 3

Establish Norms, Roles, and Procedures

  • Assign the suggested roles: facilitator, time-keeper, note-taker
    • These roles can rotate between team members
  • Rotate the snack-bringer
  • Use an agenda template to structure the meetings

Explore these Tools for Phase 0

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