Phase 2. Review & Plan

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Steps for Phase 2: Review and Plan

Teachers conduct research, review curricular materials, and plan instruction.

TEXAS LESSON STUDY  5 PHASES - 1. Examine & Identify, 2. Review & Plan, 3. Teach & Observe, 4. Reflect & Revise and 5. Share & Network,  where phase 2 is visually selected
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Step 1

Dive into research

  • Review research on your focus and theory of action
    • Why is this difficult to teach?
    • Why might students struggle with this concept?
    • What instructional strategies are shown to be effective?
    • How are these strategies best implemented?
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Step 2

Review your curriculum and instructional materials

  • Select the unit for your Lesson Study
  • Examine the sequence of goals, lessons, and tasks within the unit
    • Does the sequence and timing make sense?
    • Do knowledge and skills build upon each other?
  • Unpack the Student Expectations (SEs) from the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). This step may be completed earlier in the process
  • Select a lesson from this unit for your lesson study
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Step 3

Review and plan the Research Lesson

  • Examine or draft the lesson goals and objectives
  • Examine or draft the assessment/exit ticket and write an exemplar student response
  • Plan the Research Lesson in detail
  • Complete the instructional tasks as if you were a student, considering different approaches and potential misconceptions
  • Run through the Research Lesson to decide if changes are needed

Explore these Tools for Phase 2

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