Phase 3. Teach & Observe

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Steps for Phase 3: Teach & Observe

One teacher teaches the Research Lesson, while the team observes and collects data.

TEXAS LESSON STUDY  5 PHASES - 1. Examine & Identify, 2. Review & Plan, 3. Teach & Observe, 4. Reflect & Revise and 5. Share & Network,  where phase 3 is visually selected
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Step 1

Plan for the observed Research Lesson

  • Decide who will teach and who will observe
    • Groups may also observe several teachers deliver the lesson or record each group member teaching the lesson
  • Invite other teachers or administrators to observe the lesson, including a knowledgeable other
  • Plan what observation data will be collected by the observers
  • Plan for the recording of the lesson, if applicable
teacher in classroom giving a lesson

Step 2

Teach and observe the Research Lesson

  • Take objective observation notes that focus on the students, not the teacher
  • Observe the same student or small group of students from start to finish

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