Phase 4. Reflect & Revise

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Steps for Phase 4: Reflect & Revise

Teachers review data and reflect on the research lesson. (60 minutes)

TEXAS LESSON STUDY  5 PHASES - 1. Examine & Identify, 2. Review & Plan, 3. Teach & Observe, 4. Reflect & Revise and 5. Share & Network,  where phase 4 is visually selected
 teacher reviewing work on a board

Step 1

Review and share observation data, student work, and assessments

  • In what ways was the lesson effective?
  • What can be improved?
  • Were some groups of students more/less successful than others?
  • Did any common misconceptions arise?
  • How will this impact instruction?

teacher reading a lesson

Step 2

Add notes to the original lesson and incorporate your learning into the next unit or next Lesson Study

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Step 3

Repeat Phases 3 and 4 with the revised changes (optional enrichment)

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