Why Do Lesson Study?

1. Lesson Study Teachers See Student Achievement Gains on STAAR

In just the first year of implementation, students of Lesson Study teachers show significant STAAR improvement 42 percent of the time.

   - The above data is based on 2018–2019 State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) results.

2. Enhance Your School Culture

 two teachers talking

Collective Teacher Efficacy

Collective Teacher Efficacy is the collective belief of teachers in their ability to positively affect students. It is ranked as the top influence related to student achievement according to John Hattie’s Visible Learning. In TXLS, collective efficacy is measured through teachers’ pre- and post-survey responses.

  • In 2018–2019, teachers in Texas Lesson Study reported higher levels of confidence in teaching abilities, feeling like a respected professional, expertise in the content area taught, viewing colleagues as experts in the field, comfortability in discussing classroom with others, beliefs that collaborative PD positively impacts student learning, and collaborative time with colleagues.
  • In 2018–2019, teachers in Texas Lesson Study reported higher levels of ​confidence in crafting good questions, using a variety of assessment strategies, providing alternate examples to alleviate confusion, and implementing alternative strategies in the classroom.

Teacher District Retention

In addition to the positive changes to collective efficacy for TXLS participants, Lesson Study participants are more likely than other teachers to stay teaching within a district, likely due to higher job satisfaction.

TXLS Teacher Turnover is less than the State.

TXLS: 7%
State: 17%

- The above is based on 2019–2020 data.

3. Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) Become High-Functioning

Lesson Study provides a clear scope and sequence for your PLC. The instructional team will be aligned on student goals and the path to achieving those goals.

Download a Sample Scope and Sequence

Your team will never again ask, What are we doing today?