Phase 5. Share & Network

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Steps for Phase 5: Share & Network

Teachers share their learning with others and participate in a community of educational professionals.

TEXAS LESSON STUDY  5 PHASES - 1. Examine & Identify, 2. Review & Plan, 3. Teach & Observe, 4. Reflect & Revise and 5. Share & Network,  where phase 5 is visually selected
teacher observing another teacher in a classroom

Step 1

Invite others to observe your Lesson Study meetings, observed Research Lessons, or lesson debrief

group of teachers in a panel discussion

Step 2

Determine how and where to share the learning

  • Staff meetings
  • Professional publications
  • Conferences
  • School board meetings
  • Open houses (to showcase the observed lesson or lesson debrief
children jumping in the air

Step 3

Celebrate (Kanpai!)

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