Phase 1. Examine and Identify

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Steps for Phase 1: Examine and Identify

Teachers determine the area of instruction they want to improve.
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Step 1

Develop a Research Theme (optional enrichment)

  • Identify the skills students will continue to grow, and connect Lesson Study work to the campus vision and mission for students

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Step 2

Agree on a focus or problem-of-practice

  • Determine the subject area and grade level
  • Identify possible areas for growth or exploration
    • What is difficult to teach?
    • What do students have difficulty learning?
    • What curriculum or initiative is our campus implementing?
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Step 3

Consider a theory of action

  • What changes to instruction or instructional strategies might help your students?

Explore these Tools for Phase 1

The documents with a star image of star gold icon icon are essential to the process.