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Lesson Study is a proven action-research process that can be a powerful tool for teacher preparation. There are several ways to use Lesson Study with preservice teachers.

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As part of a teacher residency experience

  • Form Lesson Study teams of preservice teachers in similar grade and content areas
  • Teams engage in Lesson Study cycles to plan, teach, observe, and reflect on instruction
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In preservice coursework

  • Introduce the Lesson Study cycle as a process for continuous improvement
  • Use Lesson Study practices to analyze how research-based practices are applied in classrooms
  • Engage preservice teachers in collaborative research, data analysis, and reflection
  • Use master lessons available on Texas Gateway to model best practices in planning, instruction, assessment, and reflection.

Interested in seeing some exemplar lessons organized by subject and grade level?

Download Sample Exemplar Lessons

Lesson Study at Texas A&M International University (TAMIU)

Faculty at TAMIU is using Lesson Study to incorporate best practices in pre-service teaching and support undergraduate research.